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At 8 Views, we have cracked the code to simplify the extensive & complicated process of generating a sale through lead generation. In order to generate sales, there are multiple layers to unlock and understand, requiring advanced skill sets across different verticals in digital marketing from Social Media to Search to Email and more. Our teams come together to tackle this load and finally generate conversions for our clients. Over the past 8 years, we have developed a robust system that requires in-depth analysis of every step in a customer’s journey, from awareness to lead generation and conversion. Our system also tackles roadblocks commonly faced at every step, creating a smooth passage not just for the end customer but also for our clients. This meticulous approach has helped us build a 110-member team that enabled us to grow business for 300+ brands across the globe. We strongly believe that specialization in one field is the key to expertise and mastery and hence, our focus is solely on generating sales through digital lead generation.

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