About Company

We are a Creative Digital Marketing Agency. Currently operating from Hyderabad, Bangalore, Toronto. We make all the digital sound a brand needs, to establish itself in the digital space. With out of the box strategies, we position brands digitally in order to build their digital identity that thereby enhances the brands’​ purpose of life. We create, publish and amplify content that help brands with the maximum visibility online. With increasing mobile, internet penetration and the rise of a tech-savvy generation of consumers, digital media is seen as a potent tool to disseminate information and engage a target audience. Even though digital marketing is still in a nascent stage, both large and small brands are looking to execute digital marketing campaigns with greater intensity. After all, the internet is the biggest disrupter of our age, and there is no reason why digital marketing will not disrupt traditional marketing just as extensively. Visualising this idea, we set off our digital journey in 2015. With a small team of enthusiasts from different business verticals each, crazy enough to experiment our career in the field digital marketing. Currently working on some promising brands who believe in our strategies and forte, we hope to be a digital sensation to all those brands looking for a creative advertising agency. As we’d rather say, marketing isn’t magic because we back it with logic!

Team Member

Tedeepya Kalepu

Experience: 5