Digital Marketing Associate

May 9, 2024
10000 - 400000
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Company Description:
Doveriye is a personal care brand that makes self-care products that are highly safe for everyone. People struggling with skin conditions like fungal acne, eczema, psoriasis, acid burns, vitiligo, or any such skin conditions whose needs and wants the current market fails to meet pose as our target audience as well. Our objective is to educate and foster personal care for everyone, as we strongly believe every person is entitled to care and confidence.

Our work culture:
We firmly believe all our teammates are equal, promoting a healthy and hierarchical work culture where everyone showcases accountability and integrity. “Never stop learning” is what we abide by; thus, investing in learning hours to expand our knowledge on both work and personal aspects is critical.

Job Description:
We are looking to hire an experienced digital marketing specialist to develop and execute effective digital marketing strategies to assist with our in-house business goals. The digital marketing consultant’s responsibilities include analyzing sales metrics and monitoring customer engagement, creating and overseeing in house advertising campaigns, and identifying ways to improve in house’ search engine rankings. You should also ensure that in house’ websites are attractive, informative, and user-friendly. Monitor and report on website usage and conversion rates via Google Analytics, Hotjar, and other tools, develop new sources of website traffic; and identify and improve under-performing areas of the website in terms of visitor numbers, user experience, and conversion rates.
SEO + PPC + CRO: Improve website content where necessary, manage the ecommerce website to identify requirements for updated content, coordinate the supply of SEO friendly copy for our website, ensure new creative content fits with our brand to maintain the website’s personality, ensure online content complements off-line activity, utilize any additional content sources where appropriate, conduct regular reviews of Website performance against agreed targets, implement cost effective paid campaigns to maximize conversion, enhance customer journey from first point of contact on our website through to post-booking stage, as well as test and monitor website conversion rates and improve or update appropriately.

Stipend: 10,000
Training Period: 3 Months after converting to full time it will be 4 LPA

Key Requirements:
● No degree Needed but need Certifications in Performance Marketing, Digital Marketing
● Google Analytics and AdWords certifications are advantageous.
● Proven experience working as a digital marketer.
● Sound knowledge of lead generation, digital marketing tools, social media platforms, and SEO best practices.
● Proven track record on Optimizing CPC, ROAS & Customer Acquisition Cost.
● Proven track record working with Metasuite, Snappy ad, Google Ads, Youtube, Amazon SEM, and Nykaa.
● Hands on experience in On Page and Off Page SEO.
● Knowledge of video and picture editing software such as Adobe